Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oh, Geode!

We have the most fascinating necklaces in the shop right now. They’re so unique that we had to have them! They’re made of tiny geodes. I am sure you remember geodes from your college geology classes. They look like nothing from the outside, but when you break them open, they are filled with crystals!image

Our necklaces are rows of tiny geodes, with just a little of their sparkle showing through.

As you see, the necklace just looks like several strands of interesting beads, but when you get closer, you see the magic!You can see the rifts and crevasses in each stone that shows off its secret interior. Spaced between some of the geode stones are little crystal beads and there is one larger accent stone.

This necklace comes in stone grey and a marble white.

Of course, these amazing necklaces are unique to Halcyon House and each one is slightly different due to the nature of the stones used to create each piece.

As always, if you’re interested in what you see, please contact Eric at the shop!

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