Thursday, July 30, 2015

Turning the Table

Jonathan and Stiles are the kind of those people who can pick and choose and then arrange the most gorgeous display with seemingly very little effort. IMG_3653It’s such fun to watch them wander around the shop, picking up glassware from here,IMG_3687 trays from thereIMG_3696 and accessories that I’ve overlooked.IMG_3699 After fiddling around for a few minutes, moving things a few inches to the left or right, swapping pieces, and stepping back to check, a masterpiece is born!IMG_3693

As always, if you see anything that catches your eye, please contact Eric, who will be delighted to help you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hurricane Season

It’s hurricane season at Halcyon House Antiques – but in a good way!
We have just stocked the shop with some of the most gorgeous hurricane lamps we’ve ever had! IMG_3701They come in several colorsIMG_3657IMG_3675 and have different engraved patterns including the always classic Greek key. IMG_3669So before an actual hurricane arrives, IMG_3666come on over and pick up a pair of hurricane lamps and be prepared for anything!IMG_3682

As always, if you see anything that interests you, please contact Eric at the shop. He’s the light of our life!

Monday, July 20, 2015


You’ve heard of a #selfie haven’t you? It’s when you take a picture of yourself with your smart phone.

But there’s a whole other phenomenon called a #shelfie! A shelfie is when you take a picture of a shelf that you’ve carefully arranged. And of course, since we spend our days arranging and re-arranging our shelves and fireplace mantles.

Here are a few #shelfies from around Halcyon House Antiques!IMG_3476IMG_3447IMG_3449IMG_3471

Our crack team of Stiles, Jonathan and Eric are pretty amazing at creating tableaux to delight your eye.

As always, if you see anything that interests you, please contact Eric at the shop.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It’s A Zoo Out Here!

As I was wandering around the shop the other day, I realized that we have a number of animals in stock. Maybe not real animals, but they’re really animals.

How cute is this little Herend fox? Look at those limpid eyes!IMG_3302

This is the ideal gift for the person who’s a little too cocky!IMG_3287

Someone’s in the doghouse!IMG_3284

Let’s horse around sometime!IMG_3289

Who rules the roost in your house?IMG_3291

We’re just swanning around looking fab!IMG_3293

If you’re interested in anything you see here, or on any other post, please call Eric. He’s a teddy bear.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

We’re Back!

Well, it’s been quite a time over the last two weeks! Our barn sale was a huge success! We estimate that more than 600 people were there to take advantage of the amazing things we were selling – actually, Stiles was selling them, we just helped.image

After the sale, Eric headed to the beach while the rest of us stayed in town to recuperate. The shop is back open now and we’ve got some great things for the rest of the summer! Stop by and say hey!