Tuesday, December 29, 2015

After-Christmas Sale!

It’s time for Halcyon House’s famous annual after-Christmas sale! 2015afterxmassale

Hope to see you at the shop!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Pre-Christmas Sale!

Just in time to get that last minute final Christmas shopping finished, Halcyon House is having a sale!Pre xmas_2015

Please take note of our holiday hours. We’ll be taking some time off over the next two weeks.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Food, Glorious Food!

One of the items that Halcyon House is known for around the holidays is our selection of food gifts. Stiles,  Jonathan and Eric sample everything before buying it, to make sure that it's the finest quality, and the finest of its type. The focus is on sweet and savoury. 

 Great pecans and almonds. Everyone LOVES these!
OMG! If you thought the original cheese straws were good, these are amazing!

You might want to buy an extra tin of these, just because...

This toffee is delicious. Toffee, chocolate and nut. What more do you want?

Last, but not least, Bequet Caramels. I love the little crunch of Irish sea-salt in them.

Of course, you can ask our resident gourmand, Eric, which he likes best. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Going Global

We all remember those cheezy plastic snow-globes that were around when we were kids. The snow was chunky stuff and the globes inevitably leaked after a few days. 
At Halcyon House, we have the most amazingly beautiful snow-globes that are a whole world away from the ones as kids.

These snow-globes are large and heavy and have tons of snow in them that floats lightly to the ground when you shake them. 

My favorite is the Buddha one, just so serene, made in a frosted crystal, with sparkly shimmery snowflakes. 

For more information, or to reserve one of these special snow-globes, get in touch with Eric, our global ambassador.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

O, Christmas Tree!

Do you know that the song, “O, Christmas Tree” has the same tune as “Maryland, My Maryland”? It’s true!

At Halcyon House, we have lots of Christmas trees, both large and small. IMG_6852

We have table-top trees (much smaller than the one above)IMG_6864 in many styles and shapes.IMG_6866

These decorative trees are great for supplementing your decorating scheme, tucking into small places and arranging on a mantelpiece. There are actually seven trees on the mantel!IMG_6858

For more information on these lovely trees, or to reserve a few for yourself, please call Santa’s little helper, our Eric.