Saturday, January 11, 2014

Boxing Day

Oh, right. That was a few weeks ago. But boxes are so useful all year round. There’s always something a bit exciting about opening a box, isn’t there? You never know if you’ll find a treasure or just a pack of old cigarettes.

At Halcyon House, we love boxes, too. We have some gorgeous ones in stock right now, just the perfect place for stashing your jewelry, some love letters or just the TV remotes!

This bone box has the most amazing detailing. IMG_3770It’s highly decorated and the plain black and white sets off the elaborate design.IMG_3769

Another black and white box – in bone and wood.

This box is inlaid with mother-of-pearl detailing.

This box, made of horn, has a quilt-effect lid.

As with anything you see here, please contact Eric at the shop for more information.

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