Tuesday, March 22, 2016


As you walk around Halcyon House, you might notice something. We like chair. Actually, we LOVE chairs! Chairs of all sorts are scattered all over the shop. Take a look at some we have in stock right now.

chairs (1)chairs (2)chairs (3)chairs (4)chairs (6)chairs (7)chairs (8)chairs (9)chairs (11)I am sure you’ll find one you will love!

And when you find your perfect chair at Halcyon House, do contact Eric and he will assure that you are well seated!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It’s All About the Green!

In celebration of the beginning of spring, and of course, St. Patrick’s Day, we have chosen a selection of green items at Halcyon House! The shades range from the softest spring green to the deepest malachite green. Take a look!Greens (22)Greens (21)Greens (5)Greens (8)Greens (10)Greens (11)Greens (15)Greens (7)Greens (4)Greens (17)Greens (9)Greens (3)Greens (2)Greens (20)Greens (19)For more information, call our Eric, and he’ll take care of you. Your friends will be green with envy when they see your new greenery!

Monday, March 07, 2016

Elegant Organization

If you’re like we are, you’re always looking for ways to become more organized, especially when you’re travelling. These pieces are also great to tuck into a handbag or a tote bag.

These luggage tags in mock croc and alligator will give your bags an added air of elegance.halcyon leather (2)

These envelopes are perfect for holding tickets, receipts, and other small items. I use mine to carry my iPhone in my handbag, so the lens on the camera won’t get scratched.halcyon leather (1)

These passport cases are great for both your passport and your trusted traveler card.halcyon leather (3)

These little round cases are perfect for small items like earrings and cufflinks.halcyon leather (4)

These small envelopes are the ideal size for holding business cards, credit cards and even your drivers license.halcyon leather (6)

Halcyon House has a great selection of sizes and colors. If you see something that interests you, or you’d like one of the pieces in a different color or texture, please let Eric know!