Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Christmas Decorations, Redux

About two years ago, Stiles and Jonathan’s house was featured in Style Magazine. So, just to get you in the holiday spirit… and to show you that too much is just right, we thought you’d like to see what the house looked like that Christmas!

Adopt the practice of filling a Revere bowl with beautiful glass and other ornamentsdec_11_halcyon3[6]

Jonathan is an amazing gardener and grew all of the amaryllis from bulbs, and timed them to bloom right at Christmas. They tuck in magnolia leaves from a tree on their property. dec_11_halcyon2[3]

More amaryllis and some cyclamen brighten the front hall.dec_11_halcyon4[3]

Place the tree in front of a window, so it can be enjoyed from all angles!dec_11_halcyon6[3]

Even though there are loads of ornaments, the tree is pretty simple.dec_11_halcyon8[3]

Flowers are everywhere and they make a big statement!dec_11_halcyon7[3]

The wood paneled walls just glow in the candlelight and have the most beautiful patina. dec_11_halcyon9[3]

There is much to admire people who take the time to decorate for the holidays!

Photographed by Erik Kvalsvik