Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ladew Garden Festival on Saturday!

Please join us at Ladew Gardens on Saturday for the annual garden festival.
Halcyon House will have a booth. HHladew2015Do stop by and say hello.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This Just In!

Halcyon House Antiques has just gotten in some beautiful jewelry and this carnelian loops necklace is one of my favorite pieces. It’s a great weight and the black and gold hoops set off the carnelian.


For information on this or any other piece you see, please contact Eric at the shop!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Architectural Watercolours

Tuesday night saw the opening reception and sale of the architectural watercolors at Halcyon House Antiques, and we were pleased to see so many of our friends there.building
The show will be hanging for another month or so. The shop is filled with the most beautiful architectural watercolors, drawings and models, as well as some significant pieces of furniture, brought in specially for the show.IMG_0059
Most of the watercolors were done in the 1800 and 1900’s and are drawings washed with colors. Most subjects are classical studies. IMG_0063
Some of the special pieces included this beautiful inlaid piece by David Linley, Queen Elizabeth’s nephew, whose work is collected all over the world. IMG_0061IMG_0080
Another piece, although not an architectural study, was this beautiful drawing room from the 1930’s, painted by Cecil Beaton. IMG_0078
One of the pieces we loved was this wood and glass lantern.IMG_0046
And this fabulous chair with the forced perspective of the trees,IMG_0077
which reminded us of the allée of trees elsewhere on the property. Winter  (37)
And how about this chair? Can you say leopard!IMG_0073
Some of the architectural models included this pavilion, IMG_0106
and this bridge.IMG_0051
And in the center of the hors d’oeuvres was an birdcage, complete with a porch. IMG_0036
In addition to the framed prints, there was also a selection of unframed prints of various subjects, IMG_0067including this elevation and plan of the Maryland Institute College of Art. IMG_0071
One of the highlights of the events was a brief talk given by the eminent architect, and founder of the Baltimore Architecture Foundation, Walter Schamu, FAIA. IMG_0123He spoke on the training given to architecture students in the past at places like the Universities of Virginia and Pennsylvania and of course, Yale. Walter lamented that there wouldn’t be drawings like these of contemporary buildings that people would look back and admire in 100 years because everything’s done on the computer.
If you’re interested in the Architectural Watercolors Show, or anything you see here, please contact Eric at Halcyon House Antiques.

Friday, April 10, 2015

What’s New!

We just received a great shipment of the most fun necklaces. IMG_9364

They’re Italian, so you know that they’re super chic. IMG_9366

They’re lightweight, so they’re perfect for summer. IMG_9368

They come in great colors, so they’ll be perfect for what you’re wearing.IMG_9369

They’re classic, so you will be able to pair them with numerous outfitsIMG_9372

They come in fun styles, so you won’t look like everyone else.IMG_9374

They’re exclusive to Halcyon House Antiques, so you know you’re getting something special.IMG_9375

As always, if there’s anything that interests you, please contact Eric. He’d love to hear from you.

Friday, April 03, 2015


If you’re looking for a nice gift to take to someone this weekend – you can’t show up empty-handed for Easter or Passover – might we suggest a beautiful book?

For the most chic and elegant friend who loves high-end English decorating, complete with loads of gorgeous textiles, try this:IMG_9344

For the globe-trotting friend who is looking for ideas for a stunning second home, try this:IMG_9346

For the hunter-gatherer friend who is a passionate collector, try this:IMG_9349

For the hip and trendy friend who likes a contemporary vibe, try this:IMG_9352

For your most Anglophile friend, lover of all things royal, try this:IMG_9354

For more information on anything you see here, please contact our own Easter bunny, our favorite matzo-ball , Eric.