Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Welcome to Halcyon House Antiques: The Blog

In 2008, Stiles Colwill and Jonathan Gargiulo opened Halcyon House in a 200 year old house on eight acres adjacent to Stiles’ historic farm, Halcyon Farm.

Together, Stiles and Jonathan have created a shop that’s more than home accessories, more than furniture and more than antiques. It’s a reflection of their cosmopolitan life-style, a reflection of their shared lives in the Greenspring Valley and New York City, and a reflection of their talents in interior design and buying and marketing fine furnishings and antiques.halcyon5Halcyon House Antiques takes you through a beautifully appointed home, complete with china, glassware, soft furnishings, bedding, candles, soaps, jewelry and handbags. Every single thing at Halcyon House is beautiful and carefully selected with the buyer in mind.halcyon19Please come along with us at Halcyon House Antiques while we show you our shop, tell you about the beautiful things we sell, talk to you about entertaining, and share with you our love of entertaining and celebration of friends.

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  1. Congrats on the new blog, I look forward to enjoying it in the future, the first two posts are splendid. :)


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