Thursday, August 11, 2016

What’s New?

Summer’s winding down and autumn’s on the way. The changing of the seasons leaves us a bit melancholy, but we’ll do what we can to buck up and deal with it!

All of our gorgeous melamine plates, bowls and dishes are on sale for 20% off!IMG_2036IMG_2038IMG_2048

We LOVE Julia Reed and her newest book is simply amazing. Gorgeous recipes, beautiful images and funny stories. Julia does a lot of writing for Garden & Gun.IMG_2033

If you’re getting ready for some travelling, these great tote bags will take care of all of your needs. And you’re not likely to lose them.IMG_2148

These battery-operated tapers are the most perfect thing for those candelabras that are hard to reach, because you can turn these on and off with a remote control! And the “flame” even flickers.IMG_2154

The holidays are coming, and while it’s a bit early to be showing off our holiday goods, we couldn’t resist sharing these fun pinecones.IMG_2149

As always, if you’re interested in anything you’ve seen here, please call our man of all seasons, Eric.

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