Friday, February 05, 2016

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?

Although the Ravens aren’t in the game this year, the Superbowl is still taking place on Sunday. It’s Superbowl 50, as they’ve ditched the Roman numerals. FYI 50=L.

imageAlmost everyone does something for Superbowl, whether it’s watching the game with the intensity of 1000 suns, or only paying attention to the commercials. The other thing everyone does is EAT! Luckily, Halcyon House is here to help you with your serving needs… sorry that we can’t do anything about the food.

Whether you want to go classic with these beautiful ceramic serving pieces from TerraFirma, made by hand in New York City.IMG_0371

If you happen to have a rowdier crowd at your house, perhaps some unbreakable melamine pieces would work for you. These look like beautiful Provençal pieces, but they are actually lightweight melamine. Did I mention they’re unbreakable? IMG_4934

For your Superbowl libations, we suggest this terrific optical glass barware. Also unbreakable.

It’s not that we’re suggesting your party is going to get wild and crazy, but that we know that things happen! Nothing brings a party down like broken dishes.

As always, if you’re interested in anything you see, please contact our MVP Eric and may the best team win!

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