Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a brilliant decorating accent for any number of reasons. They bounce the light around. They’re great for a quick check before you head out the door. They can add a note of elegance to any décor. They are timeless.

At Halcyon House Antiques, we’ve just gotten some of the MOST amazing mirrors into the shop. This Venetian-style mirror is bordered by the most gorgeous beveled blue glass. IMG_5371Here’s the same mirror in a deep purple (for the Ravens’s fan?).IMG_5665Nothing says classic like a sunburst mirror!IMG_5653Here are some of the other mirrors we have. You will notice that we use them as accents throughout the house.IMG_5651IMG_5656IMG_5658IMG_5660IMG_5662IMG_5668IMG_5670

This is one of our most amazing mirrors. IMG_5672

Stunning in its own right, but when you look at the detail work, it’s amazing!IMG_5674

As always, please check in with Eric, who loves a good mirror, if you’re interested in anything you see here.

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