Friday, October 09, 2015

Dahlia Days

As the fall days shorten, there’s one bright spot in the garden – at least until the first frost. Stiles and Jonathan’s collection of dahlias is second to none!

When you visit Halcyon House Antiques, you will see masses of freshly cut dahlias decorating the tables, using some of our vases and bowls. IMG_5004Untitled-1

At the recent Valleys Planning Council’s Art for Land’s Sake Show and Sale, Stiles made the most magnificent arrangement, nearly FIVE feet tall!IMG_4992

At the top, you can get a glimpse of one of the most beautiful dahlias – it’s the palest shell pink on the outer petals, and fades to a creamy white on the inner ones. IMG_4982

Sometimes, when we’re closing on Saturday, we give the flowers at the shop to friends who are at the store, and they re-arrange them at home. IMG_5009

We’re expecting the first frost any week now, and once that happens, the dahlias will be gone again for another year. But while they’re here, they bring a lot of joy!

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