Friday, September 25, 2015

Zinnias from Our Garden

As you may know, both Stiles and Jonathan are master gardeners and at this time of year, the gardens are lush with a variety of flowers which we like to use in the shop. IMG_4226

Last week, we put zinnias (Zinnia violacea) in two big hurricane lamps, which do an excellent job of doubling as vases. IMG_4228

IMG_4238 IMG_4242

Because we were closing on Sunday and Monday, a friend took the zinnias home and used them in loose arrangement, this time in an old champagne buckets. IMG_4258

We hope that you’re taking advantage of the final burst of fresh flowers from your garden or from the local farmers’ markets in the area. The days will be drawing in soon, and fresh flowers will be at a premium.

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