Saturday, August 01, 2015

We’ve Got the Blues!

Summer and blue and white china go together like rock and roll! Or something like that.
We decided to see how much blue and white china, glassware and accessories we could gather to make a beautiful display!

It all started with some fish-shaped bowls.IMG_3703

And then we added in some cobalt blue wine rinsers. IMG_3711

Then we found a few of these blue and white plates and trays in contemporary patterns.IMG_3716

Next, we layered in some blue and “white” glassware up and down. IMG_3715

And then some more.IMG_3763

And after moving a few things around, and stepping back, we took a moment to admire our work!IMG_3718

If you want to get the blues, contact Eric at the shop. He will know the cure for the blues.

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