Monday, May 18, 2015

Flowers at Halcyon House

One thing we pride ourselves on is our selection of fresh flowers around the shop throughout the year. Jonathan and Stiles both excel at arranging flowers, and can both do it with virtually no effort!

For this arrangement, in an old salesman’s sample, Jonathan went out and picked some pink and white azaleas and stuck them into the trough. They won’t last long, because there’s no water, but for the few hours, they looked terrific.IMG_1046

Here’s another little arrangement a friend whipped up, using azaleas and lilacs she picked at the shop… with our permission, of course. She used a small double-handled bowl for the arrangement.IMG_1122

Here are some of our other arrangements through the years.IMG_0313IMG_0043IMG_0095IMG_8577IMG_8524IMG_1363IMG_7457

Be sure to check out the flowers at Halcyon House Antiques!

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