Friday, April 03, 2015


If you’re looking for a nice gift to take to someone this weekend – you can’t show up empty-handed for Easter or Passover – might we suggest a beautiful book?

For the most chic and elegant friend who loves high-end English decorating, complete with loads of gorgeous textiles, try this:IMG_9344

For the globe-trotting friend who is looking for ideas for a stunning second home, try this:IMG_9346

For the hunter-gatherer friend who is a passionate collector, try this:IMG_9349

For the hip and trendy friend who likes a contemporary vibe, try this:IMG_9352

For your most Anglophile friend, lover of all things royal, try this:IMG_9354

For more information on anything you see here, please contact our own Easter bunny, our favorite matzo-ball , Eric.

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