Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Clean It Up!

There’s something so satisfying about opening a brand new bar of soap. It unsullied by filthy hands, grubby fingers and general usage. At Halcyon House Antiques, we carry three brands of specialized soaps. They are all beautifully-made and hand-milled. They each come in the most gorgeous wrappings. Let’s look:

These are from LAFCO, and come in simple, elegant white boxes.IMG_8394IMG_8395IMG_8398IMG_8400IMG_8402

The Portuguese brand, Claus Porto, is known for their unusual wrappers. IMG_8405IMG_8408IMG_8410IMG_8412 And Agraria, who is known for their clean and bright scents, comes in with very elegant Italian-style ribbons and wrappers. IMG_8415IMG_8416IMG_8418IMG_8420IMG_8422IMG_8425

Do stop by and pick up a few of these gorgeous soaps. They make great presents for you, or a friend!

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