Monday, September 01, 2014

De Rigaud

Halcyon House Antiques is pleased to announce that we are now carrying Rigaud Candles! We are the only store in the area where these wonderful candles are available.

Rigaud was established in Paris in the mid-1800’s and has carried a reputation for excellence since that time. imageTheir motto, When a Flame Becomes Perfume reflects their early days in the perfume trade, but their candles are the most elegant and highest quality available today. IMG_2994In 1950, Mme. Rigaud created a candle to be used as an environmental scent in her shop, and there became such a demand for them, that the company began manufacturing them. A hallmark of these candles is the high percentage of essential oils, which when warmed, release the magnificent scents.

Click here for some tips on making your Rigaud experience even richer. IMG_2977

Rigaud’s signature zebra-striped boxes and grosgrain ribbon are another touch of elegance. IMG_2974A Rigaud candle will make a thoughtful and generous gift to someone you love – even if it’s you!

As always, if you see something which interests you, please contact Eric at the shop.

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