Friday, August 09, 2013

Home to Roost

Once of the enduring motifs in home design is the rooster. For years, roosters, chickens and the like have been used as a decorating element, particularly in designs from the Provence region in France. IMG_9906Our Provencal plates follow the hand-painted themes that have remained popular for decades, but they have a 21st century twist! Rather than being heavy earthenware pottery, these plates are light-weight and very sturdy melamine. They look like great china, but you don’t have to worry about breaking them if you use them on the terrace. Since there are least two more months of outside dining, you can take advantage of using these plates, and the others in the range, until at least October!

We also have glassware, and cutlery. They won’t break and they won’t break the bank!

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