Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tunic Time

Now that it’s officially SUMMER, the days are heating up and the nights are, too! The last thing you want to wear is clingy clothes, so we have a perfect solution for you – our gorgeous 100% cotton tunics!There’s a reason that people from Morocco to India wear tunics – they’re very comfortable in the intense heat. They provide coverage from the sun, and also in the air conditioning that’s everywhere, but they also keep you cool because they allow the air to circulate close to your skin. While the tunic on the left is rather low cut, you can always wear it with a skinny ribbed tank top beneath it, or wear the tunic over your bathing suit. The white tunic would look great over white skinny jeans, and the blue one on the right would look terrific over a pair of draw-string linen pants. The detailing on these tunics is gorgeous, and ensures that you can wear it either dressed up or dressed down.Some of the tunics are longer than others, so you could wear them as a nice short summer dress!

Come on in and see our great line of tunics in cool, cool cottons. You will love them!

As always, if you have questions about any of the items shown, please contact Eric at Halcyon House Antiques!

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