Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Platters

Platters are an essential entertaining element!Platters can be used almost any time you’re serving food – even if it’s just for a party of two. Think about serving a roasted chicken, surrounded by beautiful roasted vegetables, and what do you serve it on? A platter, of course! Think about bringing a plate heaped with beautiful corn on the cob to the table… it’s on a platter, of course! There are so many times when you’ll find yourself reaching for a platter, and sometimes it’s just a matter of which platter!

At Halcyon House, we have a wide range of platters, from square, to oblong, from classical china pattern, to a contemporary glass pattern, from bright colors, to more muted shades, we have a wide range of platters to suit your every need!

As we start moving into the summer entertaining season, think about all of the ways you would use a platter and then come see our selection of gorgeous platters from all over the world!

As always, if you’re interested in anything shown here, please contact Eric at the shop!

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