Saturday, February 09, 2013

Love is in the Air!

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and here at Halcyon House, we’re celebrating it by scouting the shop for items that have red in them. You might remember that we did this for Ravens purple and emerald green. By focusing your eye on something singular, you will suddenly begin to see it everywhere.

Pick up a beautiful, but small box of chocolates. A small box induces much less guilt!

Although this isn’t red, it is heart-shaped. Sailors used to make shell-covered boxes while they were on long sea voyages to present to their sweethearts when they returned to land. These are sometimes called “Sailor’s Valentines”.

We have four ottomans (ottomen?) in each of the playing card suits. This big red heart would certainly make a statement!

Olive you! Nothing says love like an olive plate!

If you love your dogs as much as we love ours, this key ring will be a constant reminder of them (along with the dog hair!).

This gorgeous pillows, which reverse from grey to red, are a classic accent piece. 

And then there’s the fun jewelry that we have! These red and glass beads will make a statement!

These bone and enamel pieces are unique to Halcyon House.

A red enamel frame + a photograph of you and your sweetie = a perfect present for Valentines Day.

For some cheer on those grey rainy days, how about this umbrella with black and white polka dots on the inside and bright red on the outside? And just of view, a bright red hooked handle!

Set your Valentines table with these knotted rope placemats.

Regardless of what you select, we hope that your Valentines Day is full of love! Please check back with us next week for some fun shopping news!

For information on any of the items here, please contact Eric at Halcyon House.

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